The Veal Burger

You have never tried a burger like this before

In veal burgers the quality of the meat is there to be tasted. Simply cooked in a non-stick pan, it brings out all the excellent qualities of veal. The burgers can be an ideal base for an infinite number of food combinations, or a delicious meal in the classic sandwich recipe with bread and sauces.

However it is prepared, you have never tasted, nor been served before, such a tender, light and rich in flavour burger.

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Italian excellence

Only veal from calves born, reared and selected in Italy

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Extra freshness

In vacuum-packed bags for the perfect preservation and freshness of meat

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Quality and value

Highly prized meats at a very competitive price

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The meat you want

Only the best cuts of meat for your recipes

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Certified supply chain

Products from an integrated supply chain with certified traceability

Gulten free

Gluten free

Only gluten free ingredients