I Pronti nel Sacco del Vitello di Casa Vercelli

The Rustic Roast

A rosemary and basil recipe

A recipe with the most fragrant flavours to enhance the taste of veal, inspired by the greatest traditional Italian cuisine.

Serve a perfect meal

I Pronti nel Sacco are great to taste, easy to prepare and cooked in a conventional oven (not fan-assisted), at the indicated temperatures.

The Rustic Roast

the oven to 175°

The Rustic Roast

Remove the cardboard packaging and place the roast in a roasting dish without removing the bag. Pierce the top of the bag with a fork, for example, leaving enough space for the bag to inflate

The Rustic Roast

Cook for 120 minutes
using a conventional oven (no grill and no fan)

The Rustic Roast

When ready, remove the roast from the oven, open the shortest side with a pair of scissors and carefully empty the contents onto a serving dish.

When opening and emptying the bag, pay attention to the escaping steam to avoid scalding yourself